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  • Susan E. Gingrich

Resurrecting GS441524 Market Campaign

Many of you are aware of the campaign the Bria Fund supporters and I initiated to convince Gilead to either get GS441524 to the market or allow another entity to do it. Despite our best efforts, Gilead was unresponsive, and we were unsuccessful in our efforts. Based on information we weren't aware of previously, I'm resurrecting efforts to get GS441524 FDA approved and on the market for cats. The fact that American taxpayers partially funded development of Remdesivir, makes a whole different ballgame. The drug seeming to cure the new human coronavirus is basically the same drug curing FIP in cats. I will only be sharing my new efforts and progress in our new FIP group, please join if you wish to remain current in this and other FIP issues. Please share this message.

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