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  • Susan E. Gingrich

Bria Fund's Mission

Message from the Bria Fund Founder Susan E Gingrich

Both this web site and me personally are increasingly getting messages asking for help with financing Chinese FIP for individual cats and other actions, like helping get these non-FDA approved drugs through customs. Replying to such messages takes valuable time needed for raising FIP research funds and helping worried FIP parents in ways in which I can help. One way I and others help is through our new group FIP Cat Support, by supporting worried people with sick cats with suspected FIP, and by sharing new information, including research updates. It is the best way to obtain help, not through the Bria Fund Supporters’ Website. Please join and share your concerns, ask questions and learn more about FIP.

The Bria Fund is part of the Winn Feline Foundation, with over 50 years of success in all aspects of feline health, including FIP progress. Winn’s mission, in my words, is to financially support excellent feline health proposals from across the world, to educate, and to enhance the bond between cats and their people. Winn and the Bria Fund’s success is because of donations from many cat lovers and others. When money is donated to a stipulated fund, like the Bria Fund, every cent donated goes to fund the research only, Winn takes no administrative fees, and researchers may not use Winn’s money for university overhead, only research itself. That provision is unique among other FIP non-profits. There are strict humane guidelines for research funded, and researchers are held accountable for adhering to them. Despite the amazing progress that Winn continues be such an important part of every single year, there are still more promising studies seeking support than the amount of Winn donations available at review time. In particular, last year the Bria Fund was able to support four really promising studies, but there was at least one we couldn’t.

Our hope in ending FIP is in credible and successful research. The 2020 review of studies will occur in March, and I do not know if a record number of seven Bria Fund study proposals arrived like the previous year. I am no longer on the Winn Board of Directors to have insider information. Your continued donations will ensure the best FIP studies from worldwide FIP researchers can be considered and financially supported by Winn. Feel free to contact Winn directly for more information at

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