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  • Susan E. Gingrich

Annual Mr. Swanson Day - April 9

Mr. Swanson's Day is coming on April 9th, and to honor Mama Swanson and in Angel Mr. S's memory, his photo will be my profile photo until after his big day. In a few weeks, I'll be with other Winn board members and advisors deciding which proposals to support. There are 6 FIP proposals for Bria Fund consideration. There may be more than one worthy FIP proposal, but the number we will select will also depend on the Bria Fund donation balance. Every dollar donated helps advance progress in treating and ending FIP.

Please change your profile photo, using this photo of Mr.. Swanson on April 9th or now, like I did and please share my message. If you will be making a donation to the Bria Fund because of Mr. Swanson, please let Christine Cook know.

Together, we will end FIP!

#Fundraising #awareness

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