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Winn Wins - Latest News on FIP Research

Winn's Weekly Feline Research Byte

The Latest News on FIP Research, the Bria Fund and Winn Feline Foundation

A recent media release announced licensure and commercial development of GC376, an antiviral FIP drug demonstrated to cure some cats with FIP. The research on the drug was coordinated between Dr. Yunjeong Kim of Kansas State University and Dr. Niels Pedersen of University of California-Davis.

Because of the research results, the Kansas State University of Commercialization coordinated a licensing agreement with Anivive Lifesciences, a California company with proprietary software able to advance discovery and development of new pet medications. While GC376 is still several years from release, if FDA approval is successful, it promises to revolutionize treatment of this fatal disease.

Winn is proud to have supported these researchers exploring the possibility of antivirals to combat FIP (e.g. for GC376 - Winn projects W13-020 and

MT13-006). Over many years, Winn has supported more individual FIP research studies than any other non-profit. Since 2008, the Bria Fund for FIP Research approved funding for 24 FIP studies from US and international researchers. In addition, 9 FIP-related studies have been funded through the George Sydney and Phyllis Redmond Miller Trust and the new Shelter Medicine Review supported by PetSmart Charities. More than 8 earlier FIP studies were supported by Winn from the 1970s to 2004.

We look forward to our continued role in advancing knowledge, treatment, and cures for FIP. Continued donations to the Bria Fund help fund research involving improved testing and treatment and additional cures for FIP!

There's no place like Winn for the future of cat health!


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