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Winn Feline Foundation Call for Research Proposals

Winn Feline Foundation Announces a Special Call for Research Grant Proposals for Feline Infectious Peritonitis For Immediate Release Winn Feline Foundation Call for Research Proposals

Wyckoff, NJ: August 29, 2018

Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization that funds research into health issues affecting cats. Specific Subject Areas: Research pertaining to feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), including genetics/molecular biology, prevention, diagnostics, and safe and effective treatment. Winn Feline Foundation, in a special funding opportunity made possible through The Bria Fund for FIP Research, is calling for proposals that address genetics/molecular biology, prevention, novel diagnostics, and safe and effective treatment(s) of FIP. Additional funding is available to award proposals of sufficient scientific merit, relevance and potential to impact feline health. Feline infectious peritonitis is an often fatal, inflammatory disease caused by a corona virus that affects cats worldwide. Cats of any age may be affected, but young cats (< 2y) have an increased risk of developing FIP. FIP virus is caused by mutation of a common, highly contagious, feline enteric coronavirus after which the virus gains access beyond to gastrointestinal tract. Clinical signs usually include non-specific symptoms such as anorexia, antibiotic non-responsive fever, and weight loss making diagnosis difficult. At present, diagnostic distinction between the benign feline enteric coronavirus and the FIP virus can also be problematic. Two forms are recognized; namely, a "wet" form that results in ascites or pleural effusion, and a "dry" form that involves inflammatory granulomatous growths on various organs, including the nervous system. Prior stress events as well as multi-cat environments, such as shelters, cat sanctuaries and catteries appear to increase risk of developing FIP. To date, there are no effective treatments for FIP. Therefore, FIP studies are of utmost urgency. Please Take Note: The deadline for receipt of applications is Monday, December 10, 2018. Awards will be determined in March 2019 and announced by mid-May 2019.

  • The maximum grant amount is $25,000. Only proposals that can be completed within 1-2 years will be considered. However, continuation of studies funded as of 2017 and 2018 will be considered and requests should follow the procedure below.

  • Projects should have discrete and achievable goals within the $25,000 limit. They must demonstrate their relevance or benefit to domestic cats.

  • Applicants may be faculty veterinarians, post-doctoral fellows, practicing veterinarians or veterinary students.

For detailed instructions please review this Guidelines document. All studies must abide by our Humane Guidelines. All studies must use our cover sheet for submission. For additional information on Winn Grant Programs and our research funding visit our website.

About Winn Feline Foundation Winn Feline Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies to improve cat health. Since 1968, Winn Feline Foundation has funded almost $6.4 million in health research for cats at more than 30 partner institutions world-wide.

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Winn Feline Foundation Vicki L. Thayer DVM, DABVP Executive Director Emeritus 201-275-0624, ext 701

Media Info Winn Feline Foundation Steve Dale, CABC Media Contact and Winn Board Member 773-895-8696

Winn Feline Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization established by The Cat Fanciers Association

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