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  • Susan E. Gingrich

Bria Fund Update on an Exciting Week-end!

I finally found a few minutes to write about Jim, my and the Bria Fund’s wonderful experience this past week-end. We were at Gray Summit, close to St. Louis MO, for the Midwest T.G.I.F. Fanciers and the National Birman Fanciers’ cat shows. The location Purina Farms, and its Events Center, where the cat shows were held, was quite impressive. Both shows were excellently managed, and we greatly appreciated the invitation and hard work by everyone involved. There were many beautiful cats, including those shown in the household cats competition, where shelter and rescue cats can also be entered. I definitely got my Birman fix with all the adorable kittens and lovely adults. Thanks to Charli, the NBF show manager, I also got my horse fix, when she introduced me to her great horses. (Not at the show of course).

As usual, our booth received attention from show participants and visitors. We spoke with people who weren’t aware of the Winn Feline Foundation, the Bria Fund or FIP. We also spoke to many cat lovers who lost precious kitties to clinically diagnosed or suspected FIP. As usual, there were tears of sadness and of joy, with tissues provided by the Bria Fund and some hugs too. Everyone we spoke with was very pleased to learn about the progress made and continuing to be made in all aspects of FIP. Photos of kitties from two successful treatment clinical trials generated the most attention and excitement. Every cat on our poster is happily living for a year or longer after treatment ended and there are other survivors too. They are healthy, no longer on any FIP medications and have no trace of FIP. They are the realistic hope that FIP can be cured. The donations to the Bria Fund from individuals participating in and visiting the two shows were appreciated and will help important FIP research continue towards our ultimate goal of ending FIP. Together, we can and will end FIP!

PS. Forgive the photograph. We are too busy fighting FIP to learn photography. We also had limited display areas because of being between doors which couldn’t be blocked. The kitties in the poster shown below the other one are all living with FIP as a chronic disease.

#CatShow #WinnFelineFoundation #awareness

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