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  • Susan E. Gingrich

More Bria Fund, Winn and FIP Excitement!

Cat looking in microscope

Previously, I shared news about the latest Bria Fund FIP supported project exploring genetics in relation to FIP. During the grant review process, another FIP related proposal was selected funded through Winn’s PetSmart Charities’ grant:

Principal Investigator: Gary Whittaker, PhD, Elizabeth Berliner, DVM; Cornell University, Grant ID: W18-007

Grant Amount: $24,307

Upper respiratory infections are an important cause of disease in cats, especially in animal shelters. While there are often multiple viruses and bacteria associated with upper respiratory infection, we have evidence that cats are infected with feline coronavirus in nasal and conjunctive (eye) swabs. Our study is designed to assess the importance of feline coronavirus as a cause of upper respiratory infection and to assess the relevance of these viruses to coronaviruses viruses causing feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), the more commonly appreciated manifestation of feline coronavirus infection.

Over the past 11 years, I looked forward to the Bria Fund reaching the half million in donations’ mark. While I wasn’t watching, that milestone was reached. Thanks to every donor, the total as of May 31st is $568,990.76! You are an amazing FIP family who contributed importantly to the amazing FIP progress to date. With your continued support of FIP research and education, advancement towards ending FIP will occur.

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