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The Bria Fund

In November 2005, the Winn Feline Foundation announced the creation of the Bria Fund to accept donations for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) research. FIP is a fatal disease which can affect cats of any age, but is the largest killer of cats under three years of age. There is currently no cure approved by the FDA on the market and no effective vaccine to prevent it. Bria was a nine month old Birman kitten who died from FIP in April, 2005. Bria had the good fortune to live with Susan Gingrich and her husband, James Shurskis, in Harrisburg, PA. Susan is a sister of Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and founder of the Center for Health Transformation. The Center provided a generous contribution to establish the Bria Fund. In 2008, the first Bria Fund projects were announced. You can help fight FIP by donating to the Bria Fund. Since it was founded, the Bria Fund sponsored 24 FIP studies leading to progress made in all aspects of FIP, including treatment. 

The Winn Feline Foundation, including the Bria Fund, is a public charity established to support health-related studies benefiting cats under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Help support research of Feline Infectious Peritonitis by raising awareness and funds.

Progress in ending FIP has only been possible because of generous Bria Fund donors. Many pieces of the FIP puzzle are solved. We have come further in understanding and diagnosing FIP, treating it, and reached the point of some cats living with FIP as a chronic disease because of prophylactic biologicals and drugs. Because of two new FIP drugs from recent clinical trials, there are also cats formerly clinically diagnosed  with FIP living without it for over a year. They are enjoying life as happy, normal cats. Time will tell if this cure is permanent, but it is quite promising. When available, these drugs will potentially help many cats with both wet and dry FIP, but they will not cure all types of FIP, such as neurological. The search for additional FIP drugs to cure this type and others is ongoing. It is the most exciting time since the Bria Fund was founded!    

Please help support this important research by donating to the Bria Fund for FIP Research and encouraging family, friends, animal health professionals and cat lovers to do so too. Together, we can end FIP! 


FIP Support Groups

FIP support groups are available online for the people of cats with suspected or diagnosed FIP, those who lost a precious kitty to FIP and for others interested in knowing more about FIP. These communities help educate about the disease, provide grief support, discuss differential diagnoses, medical treatments and palliative care, share losses, new information and anything else related to FIP. Updates on new research projects and research in progress are also shared. Helpful FIP documents are also shared in the groups. You can find these communities on Facebook and Yahoo Groups.