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Message from Susan E Gingrich 

  1. Contact Lisa at info@winnfelinefoundation.org to let her know you will be doing a Bria Fund Fundraiser and the dates of your fundraiser.

  2. When your fundraiser ends, send Lisa a list of your donors and the amount each donor gave. (Facebook does not provide this specific information to Winn or any other non-profit. By providing these details, your donations will be targeted for the Bria Fund). It is especially helpful if a regular e-mail address is included for donors too, when possible.

  3. Complete your birthday/other fundraiser details via Facebook. We encourage you to personalize your message including your FIP angel’s name or the name of your kitty fighting FIP. It could also be someone else’s FIP kitty. Here’s a sample of text which could be used:

“For my birthday this year and in memory of my FIP Angel, I’m asking for donations to the Bria Fund for FIP Research, through the Winn Feline Foundation. FIP is an evil and unforgiving disease which takes precious kitties around the world every day. It kills more cats under 3 than any other cause.
Because of the Bria Fund, important FIP research is supported and progress is being made in all aspects of FIP. Besides celebrating my birthday, your donation will help research continue and our fight to end FIP!”


Once your event is created, follow Facebook’s cues for spreading the word. If we aren’t friends, please friend me and I will share it on my timeline too.

Contact me at defeatfip@verizon.net if you have any questions or via Facebook.

Susan E Gingrich

Thank you. Together, we will end FIP!

Step 1: Creating the Facebook Fundraiser

Email Lisa at Winn from the directions above

Visit Facebook Fundraising




Start one from your Page

The directions that follow are for clicking on the Facebook icon above.


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