Enamel Pins

I designed this pin in memory of my beloved cat Valentine who passed away in December of 2018 from feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). FIP is a viral disease that occurs worldwide in domestic and wild cats and is nearly 100% fatal. Once a cat with FIP develops symptoms, the disease typically progresses very quickly, and sadly, there is currently no treatment or cure for FIP.


However, there is significant research being done in veterinary medicine, and I have great hope that someday there will be a cure for this tragic illness. And that is why I will be donating 100% of the profits from this pin to the Bria Fund. The Bria Fund is a special fund created by the Winn Feline Foundation that supports FIP research. I am so grateful for the work they do and am happy to support their cause. You can read more about the Bria Fund at their website

Pin details:

  • One hard enamel pin made from my original illustration

  • Measures about 1.5 inches wide (38mm)

  • Shiny gold metal finish

  • Two rubber pin backs

  • "Hestia's Nest" stamped on back

  • Comes mounted on a special backing card

  • Greyblack and white cat versions are also available in separate listings 

Please note that enamel pins are handmade items and may contain small imperfections. Only those pins graded as Collector pins are guaranteed to be free of any imperfections. You can find more details about my pin grading system here.

Colors may vary slightly from screen to screen. 

Past Fundraisers

Christmas Cards from Ember's Angels Collection

These cute, cheery colorful Christmas Kittens are cards printed from an original watercolor painting.

The message inside 

May the joy and hope of Christmas fill your hearts
the whole year through

The cards are $10 a pack and $1 shipping.  100% of the proceeds go to the Bria Fund for FIP research. 


Please support the Bria Fund and these beautiful cards, your friends and family will love them.

They are available on the Embers Angels site along with other note cards and hand lotions for stocking stuffers for the cat lover.

This site is a Bria Fund approved fundraising site.  

The Artist also lost a kitten to FIP and this is a cause dear to her heart.

Ember's Angels

Illustrated Gift Cards

Each of these note cards captures an image of a beloved cat, pet and friend that lost its life to FIP.  They come from all over the world.  Their caregivers are members of a facebook support group called FIP Fighters.  The site provides assistance, advice and guidance for anyone going through this disease. The group is one of the best support groups on Facebook with wonderful administrators.

100% of the net proceeds of these lovely notecards go to the Winn Feline Foundation's Bria Fund that funds specifically to FIP research. Purchases of these cards as well as your additional donations will help continue the funding for a cure. Together we can fund and expand knowledge of this disease one card at a time. 

Annual Mr. Swanson Day Auction

Auction: February 1st - 10th

The announcement you have all been waiting for! Annual Mr Swanson Day will hold a limited auction to benefit FIP research. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Bria Fund. The exciting part...we have the most recent Jackson Galaxy book signed by the cat daddy himself! To view it, go to the Annual Mr Swanson Day Facebook page and find out when the auction will start!

Posted - February 1, 2019

April 9th

Annual Mr. Swanson Day

Posted - March 15 , 2019

Mr. Swanson's Day is coming on April 9th, and to honor Mama Swanson and in Angel Mr. S's memory, please change your profile photo, using this photo of Mr. Swanson on April 9th or sooner, and please share the message. If you will be making a donation to the Bria Fund because of Mr. Swanson, please let Christine Cook know. Together, we will end FIP!

Bria Fund Thirty-One Party



Halloween is coming and my Bria Fund Thirty-One Party is running! Sarah has lots of great Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, other holidays and everyday items, plus sale items available for gifts and you.


Please join her Bria Fund group on Facebook and encourages others to shop there or via her web site.


Bria Fund studies will be selected soon, please help fund this important research. Because of you progress continues and together, we will defeat FIP!

Posted - October 27, 2018

FIP Fundraising
Personal Post


I was saddened to sign on to FIP Fighters this morning and see the first four messages about new FIP angels joining our other angels taken by this cruel and unforgiving disease. I am just a little more empathetic than usual today for all of you who lost kitties recently or are going through the FIP struggle. You are trying to keep quality in their lives and have them stay with you as long as they want to fight with you. It isn’t FIP, but our 11 year old Joe Lee is quite sick and hospitalized in the ICU at the University of TN. He has multiple, serious problems and we may need to make a decision soon, but not before he comes home. Joe Lee and we were blessed to have many good years together since this former feral decided to trust us and live inside as part of our family in the big house. Most of us didn’t and don’t get years with our FIP kitties. Except for a very few, cats with FIP die, just as our Bria did at 9 months old.


We must continue as a family to fight for an end to FIP. Your contributions to the Bria Fund allow Winn to support important FIP research and continue the progress made since the Bria Fund was founded in 2005. Every cent donated directly to the Bria Fund or to us through the Winn Feline Foundation on Facebook goes to funding the FIP research itself. Administrative fees are never taken. Please donate now if you can. The photos are of Joe Lee when he was healthy and him with our other former feral Raskal. To every single one of you needing one, I send a virtual hug and I sure could use one back right now.


Purrs, Susan.

Posted - October 17, 2018

Bria Fund for FIP Research

Totes-Gifts Fundraiser


Since we founded the Bria Fund for FIP Research in 2005, periodically people contact me and Winn to see how they can help raise money for us. Individual fundraisers of all types are held. Money raised from these endeavors, as well as donations from our FIP family, contribute to continued progress made in FIP recently leading to a small number of cats cured of FIP. Over $50, 000 was raised for the Bria Fund via Facebook in the past. Anyone can do a fundraiser for the Bria Fund through Facebook. A document on doing one for us is in located on our web site.

Fundraisers will be initiated by the Bria Fund as done in the past, but more individual fundraisers will help immensely in continuing critical research, especially for more cures. One of our most loyal and long-time supporters is Sarah Harrison, a Thirty-One consultant, owner of a dance studio, wife, mother, and FIP fighter. She has a group on Facebook called Bria Fund for FIP Research Totes-Gifts Fundraiser.


The Bria Fund through me currently has an open party. Anything I receive for hosting will be used in a Bria Fund raffle or another of our fundraising activities. Please join Sarah’s group and check it out. I love the products, which are exceptionally well made. The photos unfortunately are ours and typical of Jim and my photography. They show a purse, the last item I purchased. The flag on it gets extra attention from people who see it.

Fortunately, it has the pockets and compartments I need for carrying too many things. You can also see part of our beautiful backyard in the one photo too, not the intended subject. Jim would not permit me to use the one I took of him with the purse. Please share my message with other cat lovers and remember Christmas is coming. Together, we will defeat FIP!

Posted - October 3, 2018

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